About Basicolans

Established in 1967, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College is a premier educational institution of Delhi University. It is ranked amongst the top colleges for Commerce in the country. While the College celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2016, its Alumni Association is still in its infancy. Founded on 2nd May 2010, the Alumni Association of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College has been making up for lost time, reconnecting old friends, providing opportunities for business networking, and hosting a variety of socio-cultural programs.

We celebrated 10 years of the Association in 2020. Like every precocious pre-teen, we wanted a make-over.

On 7th February 2020, we unveiled a new identity, and a new logo - Basicolans. The new avatar pays homage to the original rebellious revolutionary who inspired the nation to come together and fight for independence. While the most iconic portrayal of Bhagat Singh is that of a hat, tilted to one side, it is the turban, that is a more colourful representation of India - the turban is a symbol of practicality, nobility, and even, fashion.

It is worn in several different styles amongst several communities across India - a single cloth that binds the country's diversity. Originally coined by Prof. Sydney Rebeiro, the word Basicolans was the natural choice for the new brand.

As part of the digital upgrade, we began conducting virtual events , launched the Scholarship and Mentorship Programs. A streamlined social media presence, along with a soon-to-be-launched mobile application provide the ideal platform for like-minded folks to interact, network, and contribute towards the growth and betterment of the College as well as the students

Basicolansrepresents your digital College Cafeteria, (or the library) to hang out, reconnect with old mates, enhance your network and share your expertise across generations.